TRAINER’S TIPS – Meredith talks about injuries

Story by Meredith Nelson / October 17, 2017


Meredith says “Don’t let an injury keep you down!”

As fitness trainers, we encounter injuries of all types and severity – both in ourselves and in our clients.  From the common muscle strain to a major surgery, people often come to us with limitations that we must work around.  As challenging as it is, we commend those clients for wanting to maintain their fitness level despite a setback.

Just as often as we see the walking wounded, we also get the phone call to cancel a workout because of an injury.  To this, we say, “don’t let an injury keep you out of the gym . . . come on in and we’ll focus on something else!”

True, in some situations it is appropriate to completely take some time away from your workouts.  Injuries can often occur when we are tired or may be overtraining, and under these circumstances a workout could exacerbate the injury or even result in another one.  However, if this isn’t the case, it may be good for your body (as well as your mind!) to stick to your workout schedule while adjusting your plan.  Not deviating from your routine can be helpful for the following reasons:

  • You may have an opportunity to explore a new area of the gym.  Pulled a back muscle doing yardwork?  Go for a walk, check out the cardio room, or get on your bike . . . the blood flow will speed the healing process, and the extra time doing some low-intensity cardio will be good for your heart.
  • You can focus on an area of weakness.  For example, an injured  runner who typically neglects his upper body might spend extra time on working his core, which will enhance his running when he’s able to get back to it.
  • Sticking to your routine can help you avoid those feelings that arise when you can’t workout.  Regular exercisers often get the “crazies” – feelings of anxiety, irritability, or even depression, when they can’t get their workouts in.  Being active in some way, even if not your workout of choice, can help you maintain some mental sanity!

Your PrimeTime Fitness trainers are well-equipped to design a program around your limitations, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice!

Regardless of the scope of your injury and your desire to do what you can, it’s always a good idea to check with your physician.  If your injury doesn’t disappear or subside in a few days, see a specialist and ask for specific guidance to help you determine appropriate activities you can perform while you continue to heal.  Keep in mind that if you’re injured and not sure where to turn for help, your trainers have an arsenal of therapists and specialists that we often refer to. Feel free to ask for advice!

I worked out with Meredith for years before she (sadly) moved away. She is creative, fun, and great at correcting your form. She can adapt to injuries you might have. She will incorporate things you like (yoga) and can work with all types of exercise equipment from machines to bands to TRX to free weights to your body weight. No two workouts are the same, which means you do not get bored and you want to keep coming back!

— Marie Louise R, Mt. Pleasant

Meredith first sought to truly understand my fitness goals and then observed my current weight-training routine.  She then helped me organize a workout plan that gave me better results, in the same amount of time.  Now I have a more balanced routine that is producing better results, in the same amount of time, with the same amount of effort. She always had my work within my comfort level and has helped me develop a more balanced program that maximizes the results.

— Rudy V, Beaufort/St. Helena

I found my happy place at home with Meredith and Primetime Fitness.  I started virtual training with Meredith at the beginning of Covid and now virtual training is part of my weekly routine.  What a joy to get a great workout and not have to leave the house! Thanks, Meredith!

— Mark P, Mt. Pleasant

I’ve been taking Meredith’s classes for a few short months and also doing some training sessions with her, and it has already made me stronger.  I love that she offers lower-impact options (for this 58-year-old) and also motivates all of us during class!

— Marie F, Beaufort/St. Helena

I was recently diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic.  I had worked out with Meredith once before, but at the time, I just wasn’t dedicated to a routine.  As soon as I was diagnosed, I shot her a quick email, and she immediately responded. We met and discussed diet and exercise; she was a wealth of information. I started working out with her and figuring out what routine spoke best to me. She helped me set up a Peloton bike and monitored my form. Hey, if this 65-year-old woman can get in shape, anyone can. I’m 15 pounds down and on the right track. Thanks, Meredith!

— Becky T, Beaufort/St. Helena