Story by Meredith Nelson / September 1, 2017

Foam Roller and Self-Myofascial Release Workshops

Join Alli Shuttleworth when she returns for a 3-part series on myofascial release. Learn techniques using a foam roller, lacrosse ball, and/or tennis ball to experience:
• Improved circulation
• Increased blood flow
• Decreased muscle tightness and muscle pain
• Increased mobility and flexibility
Myofascial release breaks up rigid dehydrated muscle tissue and helps to restore it to its normal function. Normal function means your muscles are elastic, hydrated, healthy, and ready to preform at a moment’s notice … and they feel better, too!
3-part series (no need to come to all three to get the benefits!)
September 9: Total body release work using foam roller, massage ball and stretch with special focus on head neck and shoulders.

October 7: Total body release work using foam roller, massage ball and stretch with special focus on lower back, hips and glutes

November 4: Total body release work using foam roller, massage ball and stretch with special focus on IT band, quads, calves and feet.

Three classes only:
September 9, October 7, and November 4.
9:00 -10:15 a.m.
$30/class; $80/series (members)
$35/class; $95/series (non-members)

Click here to sign up for one or all three!

I worked out with Meredith for years before she (sadly) moved away. She is creative, fun, and great at correcting your form. She can adapt to injuries you might have. She will incorporate things you like (yoga) and can work with all types of exercise equipment from machines to bands to TRX to free weights to your body weight. No two workouts are the same, which means you do not get bored and you want to keep coming back!

— Marie Louise R, Mt. Pleasant

Meredith first sought to truly understand my fitness goals and then observed my current weight-training routine.  She then helped me organize a workout plan that gave me better results, in the same amount of time.  Now I have a more balanced routine that is producing better results, in the same amount of time, with the same amount of effort. She always had my work within my comfort level and has helped me develop a more balanced program that maximizes the results.

— Rudy V, Beaufort/St. Helena

I found my happy place at home with Meredith and Primetime Fitness.  I started virtual training with Meredith at the beginning of Covid and now virtual training is part of my weekly routine.  What a joy to get a great workout and not have to leave the house! Thanks, Meredith!

— Mark P, Mt. Pleasant

I’ve been taking Meredith’s classes for a few short months and also doing some training sessions with her, and it has already made me stronger.  I love that she offers lower-impact options (for this 58-year-old) and also motivates all of us during class!

— Marie F, Beaufort/St. Helena

I was recently diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic.  I had worked out with Meredith once before, but at the time, I just wasn’t dedicated to a routine.  As soon as I was diagnosed, I shot her a quick email, and she immediately responded. We met and discussed diet and exercise; she was a wealth of information. I started working out with her and figuring out what routine spoke best to me. She helped me set up a Peloton bike and monitored my form. Hey, if this 65-year-old woman can get in shape, anyone can. I’m 15 pounds down and on the right track. Thanks, Meredith!

— Becky T, Beaufort/St. Helena