Member Spotlight – BOB SKAGGS

Story by Meredith Nelson / December 10, 2016




When Bob first walked into PrimeTime in October 2015, we all knew we had an interesting individual among us. Just how interesting, we didn’t know!

Over the last year Bob has been an eager participant in almost everything PrimeTime has to offer.  He has a lot to offer himself . . . namely an infectious smile, contagious sense of humor, and usually a hint of mischief.  I recently had the opportunity to ask Bob a few questions about himself – and I’m so glad he obliged!  I think you will be too . . . keep reading!

PTF:  What motivates you to get to the gym?

Bob:  I’m a structure, cadence, and commitment person. So, to pull-off regular workouts, I need to be scheduled (committed) to classes and personal training sessions.  Otherwise, I fall off – – and under – – the wagon.

PTF:  What has helped you be successful at your attempts to get in/stay in shape?

Bob:  I’ve been lucky to find trainers that have relentlessly pushed me beyond my comfort zone. 

P.S. Without that pushing and left to my own devices, I quickly slack.

(Unimaginable, Bob!)

PTF:  What keeps you coming back .  . . what do you like the most about working out at PrimeTime?

Bob:  Three keys for me:

  • I love the PT staff . . . They push, push, push (more-or-less, in a nice way) with strict attention to maintaining the correct form and technique. 
  • The variety – – is primo. The workouts always have great variety – – with very little repitiion and are very well designed. Everything is intentional.
  • I don’t mean to be trite. However, PT is a “community”. I’ve been to big corporate gyms (like Equinox) as well as boutiques. And by far, PT is the most friendly, collegial, and comfortable. A very cool community.

PTF:  Tell us about the progress you’ve made . . . are there any fitness-related accomplishments you would like to share?

Bob:  Twenty years ago, I weighed 235 . . . Nuff said?!?!?

PTF:  Bob, you do it all here at PrimeTime (well, almost all . . . we still have to get you into that Yoga class!) – PrimeTime Pedal, Pedal & Pump, Total Body Circuit, and personal training with Susan.  What’s your favorite form of exercise?

Bob:  I’m a fan of any exercises that are designed to elevate my heart rate; strengthen my core; and improve my posture – – I want to be “vertical”.

PTF:  When you are not here at PrimeTime, what are you doing with your time?

Bob: Well, because I recently retired after 35 years as a utility/energy company executive, a lot of my future activities are TBD. However, I love to play (albeit poorly) golf, and my wife and I are serious travelers – – the more exotic, the better. Our last big adventure was a trek in Uganda to see mountain gorillas and chimps, and we are on tap to visit Myanmar and Vietnam in January. Almost all of our trips involve biking and/or hiking.

PTF:  We don’t know much about your family – fill us in!

Bob: My wife, Kim, and I have been married for 32 years and have two daughters – – one in Chicago and one in LA. We have lived in 10 different locations – – most recently Chicago. My wife was a pediatric dentist that in her thirties, ditched that career to become a child rights lawyer, and all the while, she has been to well over 300 Springsteen concerts. [She is a heckuva lot more interesting than me, and yes, our girls take after their mom.]  

PTF:  Is there something about you that not many people know and most would be surprised by?

Bob:  I’m learning to play the guitar. My goal is to shred a tune or two at The Dinghy on IOP.

Oh let us know when you’re on the docket!

PTF:  Do you have any words of wisdom for others?  Encouragement?

Bob:  Be religious to a good healthy routine – – whether you like it or not J.

Good words to live by, Bob!  And you sure do walk that talk.  Keep up the great work – you’re making us all proud!