March 2016

Story by Meredith Nelson / March 21, 2016


March 2016

“Set goals.  Smash them.”
-Trish Elsie

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Happy Anniversary!
The following PrimeTime patrons are celebrating another year of fitness with us.  Thank you for your loyalty to us, and kudos for showing such dedication to your health and fitness!
One Year
David Carico
(Mr.) Page Morris
Christopher Parker
Four Years
Missy Crosby
Seven Years
Peggy Schachte
Ten Years
Julie Nestler
Twelve Years
Chip Roberts
Fourteen Years
Jim Rocco
Fifteen Years
Cindy Carpenter
George Durst
Barbara Spell

Sunday, March 13 
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Our friends at Athleta over at Town Centre have invited us to come shopping again!
E-mail us to receive the invitation, or pick one up from the gym, and bring it with you on Sunday, March 13, between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. to enjoy 25% off your entire purchase!
ALSO – an added bonus! On March 13 Athleta is donating  5% of all Friends and Family sales to the Charleston Chapter of Girls on the Run! ANOTHER reason (as if you needed one!) to go shopping today!

Ladies, come find something new for your workout wardrobe; and men, now’s a great time to get something to reward the lady in your life for her hard work in the gym!

Sunday, March 13 
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
25% off entire purchase
Don’t forget to bring the invitation with you to receive the discount and help out our local Girls on the Run!

FREE – to help you navigate around the new PrimeTime and our new toys!
We’re here to answer your questions!
Saturday, March 12
4:00 p.m.
Click here to sign up now!
Not sure what to do with the big new piece of equipment in the gym?  Have you gazed in wonder at Jacob’s Ladder every time you come in? Does the thought of being alone in the weight room send you into an anxiety attack?
Join a PrimeTime trainer on the second Saturday of each month for a free orientation session to unravel the mysteries in the gym!  You’ll learn things like how to work the equipment, how to make seating adjustments, and where the Emergency Stop buttons, and Panic Buttons, are!
(Note, this is designed to be an instructional hour, not a workout.  Feel free to schedule a training session if you need assistance putting together a workout that works for YOU!)
Saturday, March 12
4:00 p.m.
Click here to sign up now!
These sessions are free but space is limited, so click here to reserve your spot today!
Saturday, March 12
4:00 p.m.
Click here to sign up now!


Habitat for Humanity 
Women Build
Thursday, May 5
8:30 – 12:30
Must be 15 years or older
Women Build is Habitat for Humanity’s program for women who want to learn construction skills and build homes and communities. This program brings together women from all walks of life to address the housing crisis facing millions of women and children worldwide. No experience is necessary!
More details coming soon!
Dear Members and Friends,


A hint of spring is in the air, and we can’t wait to take our fitness outside!  Boot Camp is right around the corner. But there’s lots to do indoors as well . . . keep reading to learn about some great new workouts, a shopping spree, field trips, nutritional advice, and more!
Oh – don’t forget to set your clocks ahead before you go to bed on Saturday, March 12!

Member Spotlight –
Trish Elsie

Trish is looking strong in the last 1/2-mile of the Myrtle Beach marathon on Saturday!
To know Trish Elsie is to love life.  You just can’t help it . . . her energy, enthusiasm, and zeal for all things with a good cause are infectious.
Trish and Meredith go back a long way, meeting when Trish was working at the Isle of Palms Rec Center coordinating the employee wellness program.  Now, as the development director, volunteer coordinator and construction assistant for East Cooper Habitat for Humanity, Trish’s office is right next door to the gym . . . so you’ll very likely be seeing much more of her!
Trish’s favorite structured exercise includes running, yoga and weight training.  A certified yoga instructor, she is also studying for her personal trainer exam in April.
Although she only just recently joined PrimeTime Fitness, Trish has always made a conscious effort to incorporate activity into every aspect of her life . . . including work, play, and her relationships with friends and family.  “I think of my life as a game and I have to be at my best physically and mentally to achieve the things I set out to do. Staying in shape is all part of the games I play. Working out isn’t a chore, it’s like recess for me in my mind.”
When asked what is her motivation to get to the gym consistently, Trish replied “I consider my time in the gym, my time. It’s like an appointment I make everyday with myself. I can’t skip out or make excuses when I have meetings for work or with friends, so I consider this time to be of the same value. I just can’t cancel on myself.  It’s my time. No-one can interrupt me, and I am off the grid. I disappear to my happy place!”
Originally from Canada, Trish lives on IOP with her partner Barry, and became a citizen five years ago.  But her international experience is much more extensive than that . . .  she spent her 20’s traveling the world and has lived in 7 different countries. She recently obtained her certificate from the University of Cambridge in teaching English to Speakers of Other languages and is now in the process of applying for a scholarship to the University of Peace in Costa Rica to obtain her Masters.  And you think YOU are busy!
Trish’s most recent accomplishment was just this past weekend when she completed the Myrtle Beach marathon. Her first marathon, it’s been on her bucket list for a few years – despite total reconstructive surgery on her knee five years ago.
She set the goal on her 38th birthday while in Myrtle Beach, and according to Trish, you just have to “See it, say it, then do it. Simple.”
Ask Trish for words of encouragement and she’s quick to offer advice.  Some of her favorites are “Be the book, don’t be the cover,” and “Either you’re on my train or you’re off my train. I’m not slowing down.”
Trish, we can only hope that you would allow us to come along for the wild ride on your train.  We’re grateful to have you on board with us at PrimeTime Fitness!
Trish takes a moment during a Habitat Build in Honduras to spend time with a new friend!
Trish will be coordinating a PrimeTime/Habitat “Women Build” on Thursday May 5.  Check it out,and stay tuned for details!

Six Reasons To Strength-Train
Calling all cardio junkies . . . Get off the elliptical!  Runners, come inside from your run!  Cyclists, get off the bike!  Yogis, put your mat away for a while!

We’ve got six great reasons to incorporate strength-training into your workout regimen.  There are many, many more reasons for EVERYONE – men and women – to pump some iron, but these are the game-changers!

Muscle-strengthening exercise, also known as strength-training or resistance exercise, is more than just about making muscles stronger. Here are six other reasons to start or to keep going . . . . click here to read more.

Staff Recipe File –
Rachel’s Recipe; Meredith’s MakeOver
Herbal Onion-Chicken Soup Remedy

Catch a cold?  Feelin’ the flu?  Our chicken-onion broth remedy will cure what ails you!

When Meredith and Rachel both ended up in the doctor’s office recently at the same time – Rachel for strep throat and Meredith for pneumonia, no-one would have predicted that a delicious recipe would have come of it. Texting back and forth between exam- and waiting room, the two discussed symptoms and remedies.  Rachel’s cure-all was to boil a whole onion for 30-40 minutes and drink the broth (eeeww!).

Not quite sold on Rachel’s suggestion, but at a loss for anything else, Meredith decided to add a little substance and flavor to the recipe.  The result was something that not only can help you breath easier and soothe any respiratory discomfort, but also aids in digestion and inflammation with the help of turmeric, garlic, and ginger.  It even contains protein, so necessary for the healing process.  Not only good for you, it’s quick, easy, and delicious, too!
1 onion
1 chicken breast
1 TBS minced garlic
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp ground ginger
Salt/pepper to taste
Cut the onion into quarters
Boil the onion for about 30 minutes
Add chicken breast and herbs, salt, and pepper
Boil until chicken is done (I let is boil for 15-20 minutes, then cut into smaller pieces to finish cooking).
Remove chicken from broth, shred with a fork.
Return shredded chicken to broth

National Take-Your-Lunch-To-Work Day


Thursday, March 10
Constantly shelling out cash to buy your lunch adds up . . . as do the extra pounds you are likely to accumulate when you rely on restaurant fare or fast food.  When others prepare your food, you have no idea what’s really on your plate!
Be sure to stop by PrimeTime on Thursday, March 10, between 9:00 and 10:00 to learn how packing your lunch can be easy!
Julie will be on hand with her clever food-packing system . . . perfect for taking your lunch to school or work.  This system takes the guesswork out of what to take and how much to pack.
Check out this great video (click here!) for Julie’s suggestions on packing a healthy lunch to go!
We encourage you to take charge of the ingredients that fuel your body and mind for the second half of your work day . . . Celebrate National Take-Your-Lunch-to-Work Day on Thursday, March 10 by putting just a few minutes into preparing a lunch the night before. Your scale and your wallet will thank you!
Packing a Healthy Lunch
Thursday, March 10
9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

STRYKE returns for limited run!
March 10 and March 17; 8:00 a.m.

You only have two chances this month – don’t miss the cutting edge workout Stryke Fitness!!
It’s reckless abandon + intense discipline, and it’s completely addicting.
It’s intense + empowering + enticing + sexy, all in one. This class proves that working out CAN be fun!
Thursdays, March 10 and March 17
8:00 a.m.
Sign up HERE!
Keep your eyes and ears open for information about our SIX WEEK STRYKE coming soon!

“Get Back to Basics”
Healthy Back Workouts
Thursdays at noon

If back pain is your daily mode of operation, you need this class.  Back surgery survivor and conqueror Meredith will take you “back” to the basics of core strengthening, stretching, and pain management techniques that will help you make it through the day.

Every Thursday
12:00 – 12:45 p.m. –  $20/class
No reservations needed.