January 2015

Story by Meredith Nelson / January 8, 2015


January News from PrimeTime Fitness

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. – Oprah Winfrey

January 2015
Dear Friends and Members,

It’s that time again – the time of year when we look back to reflect on our successes and failures, and make goals and plans for the year ahead.

Many of you have asked what will happen to PrimeTime Fitness in the upcoming months.  Looking back over 2014, you probably know we have had some challenges in renewing our lease.  At this point we don’t know what our future holds, as we have attempted to advance lease negotiations but our landlord’s schedule hasn’t allowed him to have such a discussion with us.

We do have some exciting changes potentially in store in the upcoming year.  Many of you may remember PrimeTime “back in the day” – a meager and small private training studio of about 900 square feet.  Our landlord was helpful in designing two additions to the space and spent a great deal of money in improving the property, passing those expenses on to us as increases in rent.

Now once again we have hopes of making some improvements to the building.  We have presented the landlord with a set of plans for further renovations; our proposal includes incurring the expense of such changes ourselves.  Of course we hope to be able to proceed with these plans; however, not knowing what adjustments may be made when lease negotiations take place in February, we cannot say for sure if those improvements will materialize.

It is our hope that we can continue to operate in our current location, and even to bring you a bigger and better facility in which to achieve your health and wellness goals.  We will continue to keep you informed as the circumstances evolve, and as we know more about where we will be in the upcoming year. Your continued thoughts, prayers, and positive energy are much appreciated as we prepare once again for negotiations in the next few months.  Thank you for your support over the last 14+ years!

Long-Distance “Spotlight “

A letter from Ken!

Hi Mer, and Primetime Friends!

It’s been a challenge-filled and exciting year for us here in Iowa.

While learning my job I was reserved in making changes or being aggressive with how we operate. Instead I focused on working hard with our volunteers and establishing relationships in the community with businesses, churches, and private citizens.  Our organization in cooperation with the community just served over 300 families for Christmas with gifts and food!


Ken along with representatives of a company that donated
4000 pounds of food and a check to match!

Now that I have a year under my belt, our goal will be to reduce the number in need.  This sounds like a political goal because there are so many factors involved to reduce the need for our services.  This community has been very generous for so many years with giving that is has hurt. Yes, hurt. There is a sense of entitlement of those who we serve daily. By the grace of God over the next 5 years change will come. There is no lack for jobs here, but a lack of desire to work. Sure, it would be easy for me to just do what we do because the support we get is great. What will drive me to be aggressive in the coming years are the youth that I see daily. They need to see they can come out of this cycle their parents and grandparents are trapped in.

I think often of my time with you all and how I learned much for what God brought me here to do. I don’t want to name names for fear of leaving someone out, but I thank you all because I was much more than a trainer for you, I was a student learning what it takes to be successful. I was taking mental notes from you all that has helped me here this past year and in the future.


From my family to you all,

Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!



Ken Brown

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And more  . . . come see what we’ve got!

Sunday, January 11, 4:00 p.m.

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 involves cleaning up your diet, you might want to read closely. Join us on Sunday, January 11 as Steve Benjamin, local Certified Sports Nutritionist, walks us through the basics of healthy eating.  With Steve’s help, your questions will be answered and you will be on the road to better eating habits!


Eating Clean in 2015

Sunday, January 11

4:00 p.m.

e-mail us to save your spot!

It’s Time to Turn in Your Tokens!

6feccc05-1b4a-47b9-9637-1bf343a69410Collect all the tokens you earned for working out with a trainer through December, and turn them in for an item in the ProShop!  Each token is worth one dollar towards any item of PrimeTime apparel, or a Gift Certificate!

Not quite ready to cash in your tokens?  No worries – you can hold onto them until you are ready to shop.


New program to be unveiled soon!

We may be a little premature, but we are already thinking ahead to Spring!  Coming in February we will unveil a six-week program to get you ready for springtime, get back to working on those New Years resolutions, and prepare yourself for Spring Training in April!


Stay tuned for details coming in the next few weeks…

Thank you . . . 

We thank each and every one of you for your continued support, loyalty, and trust throughout the past year.  We welcome you to utilize our staff even more this year, and want to help you become the best you ever!


Happy New Year to you and your family!

With sincere and utmost appreciation,

Meredith and the PrimeTime Team


PrimeTime Fitness
2120 Middle Street
Sullvan’s Island, South Carolina 29482

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Eating Clean in 2015
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Our ProShop offers apparel, snacks, and workout equipment!PrimeTime offers Golf Fitness and Titleist Performance Institute training.We offer Senior Fitness for a gentle approach.Outdoor Boot Camps . . . coming in April!Be sure to check out our website for info on all these and more!

Charlie Post 5K & 15K

January 10; 8:30 a.m.

It’s just a few days away – the annual Charlie Post Classic!

A 5K and 15k on our very own Sullivan’s Island – you have no excuse as it’s right out your door!

Want to run this race for FREE?!?!?!  First two responders win a free entry!  Click here to enter!

(Must be a PrimeTime member to win)

Register for the race today by clicking here.

Want help in getting ready?  Here are a few race day tips from Meredith Nelson:

Despite the cold weather, remember to hydrate.  Drink 8 oz of water before the race, and 8 oz every 15-20 minutes during the event.  Afterwards, continue to hydrate at the rate of 8 – 10 oz every 15 minutes for an hour or so.

If your event is the 5K, you probably will only need water – no sports drinks or gels –  during the race.

If you are running the 15K and plan to be on the course longer than an hour, you may want to hydrate with Gatorade, Powerade, or another sports drink and/or gel to provide carbohydrates and electrolytes.

Not a coffee drinker?  Today’s not the day to start.  But if you are used to having a morning cup o’ joe, go ahead.  The caffeine may even improve your performance (but only slightly).

The weather during Charlie Post can be anywhere from a pleasant 50 degrees to a treacherous 30-something with rain. Be sure to dress in layers that you can remove easily and don’t mind throwing away on the course.

Upcoming Events
(Click on the event title to be taken to the website)

January 1

Race The Landing New Years Day 5K

Charlestowne Landing; 8:30

January 2 

National Personal Trainer Awareness Day

January 3

Bulldog Breakaway New Years 5K

The Citadel; 8:00 a.m.

January 6


For Sullivan’s Island’s next mayor!

January 10
Charlie Post 15K and 5K

Sullivan’s Island, 8:30a.m.

January 11 

Eating Clean in 2015

PrimeTime Fitness, 4 p.m.January 15

Community Wide Group Run

Charleston Harbor Fish House (Patriot’s Pt); 6:30 p.m.

January 17

Riverfront Race Festival

Charleston Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 5K, Kids Marathon, & 20, 40, & 60-Mile Bike Rides . . . and MUCH MORE!

January 27

Free screening of the film “Fed Up”

Daniel Island School; 6:30 p.m.


The following PrimeTime members are celebrating not only the beginning of a new year, but also the beginning of a new year at PrimeTime!

Thanks to everyone for another year of support.


John Adams

Jason Conrad


Corey Rogers

Jenni Rogers

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Wendy Schroeder


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Mike Carter

Keitt Hane

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Ron Coish


Emily Abedon

Beth Cavenaugh

Tita Massie


Kim Richardson


Lodema Adams

Thanks to everyone – you guys ROCK! 

The following local businesses have agreed to partner with PrimeTime and give special offers to our Longevity Club members.  Please show your appreciation as well by stopping in at these establishments to say hello and spend a few dollars!
East Cooper Sporting Goods
The Foot StoreThe Seabiscuit CafeSweetgrass Cycles
Triangle Char & Bar
TrySportsInterested in being a business friend and partner? Let us know if you think your favorite business may want to share themselves with us!