Story by Meredith Nelson / January 1, 1970

Brandon Adler

This fall, PrimeTime welcomes College of Charleston student Brandon Adler to our team as an intern. Brandon, a senior at C of C, hails from New Jersey, where he played basketball, soccer, and wrestled in high school.

Although he was an athlete in high school, Brandon only recently discovered the field of personal training and now hopes to pursue training as a career.  He aspires to obtain certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and believes that his experience at PrimeTime will help him gain the skills he needs to succeed.  “Not many students have the opportunity to obtain experience in the field that they want to go into. I will take all the experience I can get, and this gym is the best way to do it!”

Brandon remains active, playing basketball regularly with friends and making gym workouts a priority.  He isn’t motivated by big muscles or losing weight . . . what keeps Brandon active is simply the desire to stay in shape and live a long healthy life.  Always conscious of the decisions he makes, he often asks himself “will I regret this after?”  (If we could all have that foresight when making choices!)

Feel free to ask Brandon for assistance in the gym.  He’s available to grab the towel you forgot, spot you on a set, or spice up your workout with a new move.  Don’t be surprised if he throws some squat jumps your way – those are his favorite!

When asked for any words of encouragement he could share with us, Brandon said “Dreams are dreams if you want them to be. It is up to you to turn that dream into a reality.”

Well said, Brandon!  We look forward to watching your dreams become a reality!!