FitChip Winners ROCK!

Story by Meredith Nelson / January 11, 2017



PrimeTimers amazed us last month with an astounding number of trips to the gym, despite the holiday madness.  But most impressive were the three members who each turned in THIRTY FitChips at the end of the month!


Tim and Diane are really this excited about every workout!

For those who received two chips per workout for training sessions, congratulations go to Diane Juras, Tim Ahmuty, and last month’s Member Spotlight Bob Skaggs – with 30 FitChips turned in, that’s 15 workouts each in 31 days!

The three of them will each receive $100 credit in their online account to help them keep up the momentum.


And the monthly member who earned the most FitChips with one for every gym visit – kudos goes to Mary Guess, as she turned in 28 FitChips!!!!  That’s TWENTY-EIGHT visits to the gym during the month of December – WOW!  For her dedication to her health and fitness, Mary will receive a free month’s membership!


Honorable Mentions go to the following for their awesomeness as well:

In the Training/Group X category:

Laura Bryan – 28 chips

Lori Melsopp – 28 chips

Kevin Grooms – 27 chips

Gayle Smith – 27 chips

Chuck Jacobson – 26 chips

Tim Bryan – 26 chips

And in the Monthly Membership category, Meredith Regan gets a shout-out with 21 FitChips turned in!

A PrimeTime HURRAH! also needs to go to Chuck Jacobson – we can dub him “Most Likely To Get The Most out of his Gym Membership” – his FitChips were earned from almost every PrimeTime service offered: Personal Training, Group X, and gym membership (on his non-training days).  Now we just need to get Chuck in a PrimeTime Pedal workout and he’ll have it all covered!


We hope everyone enjoyed the FitChip Challenge – stay tuned for more in the future!