Member Spotlight

Story by Meredith Nelson / November 17, 2016



Sonia, thirty pounds lighter than 6 months prior, with her husband Josh.

Sonia Malone

When Sonia Malone began coming to the Friday morning 6:00 a.m. PrimeTime Pedal workouts last November, she was 30 pounds heavier than she is now.  Although she doesn’t miss a Friday unless she is traveling for work, she claims that changing her diet is what made the magic happen.  Of course, the one hour indoor cycling class isn’t the only workout she does – she also does her own additional cardio and plays a lot of tennis.

Sonia obviously loves being active, and says that getting to the gym makes her feel better throughout the day. Experiencing tears in both calf muscles and knee surgery all sidelined her temporarily from her tennis, but the indoor cycling workouts helped her remain active while she recovered.

Before her weight-loss effort took hold, Sonia was religiously wearing a Fitbit and was focused on her “steps” and “activity” – but hadn’t lost any weight (sound familiar?!).  She says, “I finally thought to myself, what was the point of having the Fitbit and getting the ‘steps’ in per day if I wasn’t also controlling what I was eating?”  So – some dietary tweaks and now several pounds later, Sonia has realized the importance of proper nutrition to fuel her body for activity.  She sticks to a diet consisting of a lot of fruit, vegetables, grilled chicken, and yogurt.  She knows elimiating a food group completely won’t work for her, so she focuses on portion control and keeps her calories to 1300-1400 per day.

Even when she travels for her job as an IT Consultant for Chick-fil-A (she and husband Josh own one of the Mt. Pleasant locations), Sonia doesn’t miss her workout.  Not only does she often book her room on a higher floor and bypass the elevator for the stairs, but during her down time she’ll opt for 45 minutes running stairs as opposed to hitting the hotel gym.  She was surprised to find that the “going down” muscles hurt worse than the “going up” muscles!

If you know Sonia well at all, you know she is not one to shy away from a challenge.  When Meredith encouraged her to come out and “watch” the PrimeTime team at the North Charleston Fight For Air Stairclimb, Sonia decided to do much more than watch . . . she immediately went home and signed up for the event.  And not just the Climb – a race around the lower level of the North Charleston Coliseum, but the ULTRA Climb – the entire coliseum – almost 6000 steps!

When Sonia isn’t traveling, playing tennis, running stairs, or getting her cardio fix in the gym, you might find her playing piano or spending time with Josh or their two sons.  David, married to Brooke, works at the family Chick-fil-A, and Greg is a senior at Anderson.  They are all fond of the family dog, Callie!

When asked for words of advice for others, Sonia offered the following: “The hardest part about losing weight is just starting. If you can stay disciplined right at the beginning, then once you lose 2-3 pounds, you start feeling better about yourself and it keeps you motivated to keep going. You don’t want to ‘cheat’ on your diet because you feel good about what you have already accomplished. Don’t let a lofty weight loss goal discourage you by thinking you can never get there. Give yourself small goals to start with.”

Sonia obviously practices what she preaches, and is proof that it works!  Keep up the hard work, Sonia – your efforts are paying off!