Susan Cox


Susan has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, whether kayaking the lowcountry or skiing , bicycle touring or SCUBA diving, and regular aerobic exercise made that lifestyle possible. Only in midlife did she discover the many benefits of resistance training, and now loves to help others reap these benefits as well. Certified as a personal trainer by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Susan has worked with private clients for over 10 years to help them achieve their fitness goals. Using a variety of tools, her focus is functional fitness for YOUR lifestyle, whether that includes nailing Steep and Deep in fresh powder, a singles match at the club or playing with the grandkids. Regular weight training with bands, balls and dumb bells will help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight through life, improve bone density, change your fat to lean tissue ratio, deal more effectively with stress and exhibit the confidence that a strong body commands. Not to mention look better in your clothes!

Born and raised in Arkansas, Susan received a BA in French from the University of Arkansas before moving to New York City to pursue an MBA in finance at NYU. After graduation, Susan worked for many years at several banks and investment banks before retiring to raise her two boys. After many years in the northeast, Susan happily relocated to Mount Pleasant. In addition to personal training, Susan is also a Realtor with Carolina One, helping people with their residential real estate needs.