Cammie Camp


Cammie Camp was raised in Franklin, Virginia by a former college athlete and a health and fitness enthusiast who established a family culture of regular exercise and a disease-prevention lifestyle. It took a few years after graduating from the University of Virginia before Cammie became interested in healthy living herself. After 11 years as a member of PrimeTime Fitness, she became a Certified Spinning Instructor and joined the PrimeTime staff. Her 3 boys and husband have always shared a love for finding alternative music, and Cammie has been surprised to find that she loves putting together playlists for her PrimeTime Pedaling classes. With her nest recently emptied, Cammie has been busy traveling with her husband Billy and helping her parents with their move to Franke at Seaside. She is also very involved in mentoring a student from North Charleston and hopes to eventually combine her exercise enthusiasm with her role as a mentor.